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Olive Garden And Red Lobster Agree To Serve Healthier Food
I don't know about you, but when I go out to eat I usually don't expect that to be my healthy meal of the day. When I think of eating healthy I think of a meal prepared at home, not at a restaurant.
Having said that, soon Olive Garden and their sister restaurant chains are pledging to cut calories an…
Kid’s Play Area’s In Restaurants Are Filthy [VIDEO]
I'm sure you have sat at restaurants that have kids play areas and wondered if they ever get cleaned, well wonder no more. The play area at your local fast food restaurant may be harboring germs and bacteria that could make your children sick. Read more after the jump.
Taco Bell Fights Back [VIDEO]
Honestly, I don't care WHAT the beef is made of!
In addition to this YouTube video, the company has taken out full-page ads in some major U.S. publications, with big bold letters, stating:  "Thank you for suing us", in an attempt at damage control after recent allegations that their beef do…

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