Family Feud

Family Feud Celebrates 36 Years On The Air [VIDEO]
It was this day, July 12th, back in 1976 that the classic game show "Family Feud" debuted on televisions across the country.  Originally hosted by the late Richard Dawson, the "Feud" has seen many set changes and emcees through the years.
Click here to check out the various eras o…
Why Was Richard Dawson a Legend? [VIDEOS]
It's no secret that I am a huge fan of Family Feud, and its original host Richard Dawson.  I thought I knew everything about him and the show, but since his passing a week ago I have learned much more.
So, here we go with some interesting facts you may not have known.  "Top 9 answers on the boar…
Fun With Food [PHOTOS]
Fenech Pictures
"Don't play with your food!" is something we have all heard many times.  However, I've always been one to bend the rules.  When making dinner for my family earlier this week, I decided to have some fun with it... literally!  I shaped our ham…

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