Distracted TV Reporter Walking Fail [VIDEO]
TV Reporters will do almost anything to get the story. This one was so intent on getting it that he forgot to watch where he was going. The sound you hear is that of his head striking the metal pole.
Do you think the man he was pursuing saw the obstacle up ahead, and intentionally let the reporter wa…
Watch: Ceiling Fan Fail [VIDEO]
Sure, extremely tall people need to be careful around ceiling fans, but it appears that really stupid people can't be trusted around them either.
Honestly, I hope the fan wasn't seriously damaged.
Uh-oh! Woman Goes the Wrong Way On Escalator [VIDEO]
Bad Joke: How does a blonde go up an escalator?
Bad Joke Answer: The wrong way.

In this amateur video, a “blonde woman” (as she is referred to by the very mature internet today) spends an inordinate amount of time and energy doggedly climbing an escalator because she&CloseC…

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