Daddy Fitness Routine; Turn Babies Into Barbells [VIDEO]
Hey, I thought I was the dad who invented this years ago, I guess not. I think all dads and moms do this, lift your kids over your head, between your legs etc, however I bet you didn't approach it as a work out . These barbells are made in America. Check out the video after the jump.
Sex Can Lead to Death, Says Study
A new study has confirmed what doctors have long suspected: A sudden burst of moderate to intense activity, in particular sex, greatly increases your risk of suffering a deadly cardiac event.
Researchers from Tufts University compiled data from 14 studies which explored the link between sex and hear…
Pole Dancing; For Jesus
Strip club, that's the first place that used to pop into my head when I thought about pole dancing, not anymore. Some women in Old Town Spring, Texas are pole dancing, once a month for Jesus. They feel God gave them their bodies, so they are supposed to take care of them. Yep, the classes are h…