15 Father’s Day Gifts from Etsy Dad Will Love
Father’s Day is coming soon and we know you’re tempted to buy dad yet another necktie he doesn’t need. But unless it’s as fashionable as the #8 Wood Tie, don’t bother. Look at these hand-made Etsy gifts instead! We know your dad is the #1 dad, so don’t you think he deserves something more creative l…
8 Weird and Wacky Thanksgiving Items From Etsy
This Thanksgiving, let's all give thanks to online crafts, clothes and curios store For without them, we'd be deprived of the following 10 items of pure holiday kitsch.
Pumpkin Pie Soap
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These pumpkin pie-shaped hand soaps are certainly pretty and defin…
6 Etsy Mannequin Heads That May Creep You Out [PHOTOS]
I was just enjoying some Internet reading when I stumbled upon and Etsy link. So I thought I would take a look around, who knows I could find something cool. To my surprise I found some creepy mannequin heads modeling items. Take a look after the jump.