Watch This Handicapped Bunny Get Some Wheels [Video]
It's Easter Sunday, and along with the ham and Easter baskets, I thought that this heartwarming bunny video might be appropriate for the day. It's sad at first, but hang in there! you need to catch the end. Happy Easter.
Some Kids Get Completely Freaked Out By The Easter Bunny [VIDEO]
Are your kids a little afraid of the Easter Bunny? Were you when you were a kid? I was not, and I was very determined to meet him, however, I never did get the chance. Like Santa Claus and clowns the Easter Bunny causes terror in the life of some small children.
Here are five adorable videos featurin…
A Passionate Man – Movie Trivia
In honor of Easter Sunday, you'll never forgive yourself if you miss this one. However, the film's main character would forgive you for anything, all you have to do is ask!
The Hunt for a Healthier Easter Basket
The Easter Bunny has been slimming down lately.  Haven't you noticed?  Here's a few tips from the American Dietetic Association to help you make healthier choices when filling up the kids' Easter baskets.
Easy Easter Dessert Recipes [VIDEOS]
Though technically a religious holiday, Easter has become more synonymous with milk chocolate candies in the shapes of eggs and bunnies, fruity snacks in springy hues and all sorts of decadent desserts. Stock up on the goods in stores, but also think about making a few of your own delectable treats …

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