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October Snowstorm Postpones Halloween [VIDEO]
As far as the weather goes, we've been pretty lucky lately here in Mid-Michigan.  Unfortunately for those on the east coast, it's a different story.
A rare October snowstorm has one-and-a-half million people still without power.  The deaths of 13 people are blamed on the storm.&nb…
Snow Storm Hits Northeast Leaving Millions Without Power
It's only October, but a rare snowstorm has hit the Northeast, leaving 2.7 million people without power, according to Yahoo. The storm worsened as it moved north, with residents in Plainview, Massachusetts receiving 27 inches of snow. Can you imagine getting ready to go to a Halloween party, bu…
Crazy Weather Guy Returns [Video]
Do you remember the crazy weather guy Jim Kosek? He went nuts during the snow storms on the East Coast. He's back and this time he's talking about the missing cobra, before he was found. Watch him after the jump.