Facebook Now Cited in Two out of Three Divorce Proceedings
According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, social networking sites are now used as a primary source of evidence in four of out five divorcee proceedings.
Facebook, the most popular social networking destination, is cited in two-thirds of divorce cases, followed by MySpace at 14 percent…
One Wedding With Two Divorces
Carol Anne Riddell and John Partilla are being criticized for writing a story of how they were part of a foursome of two married couples who broke up their families and got married.  The story was posted in "The New York Times" and they have received a lot of backlash from it.
Scarlett Johansson And Ryan Reynolds Were Never Together
Of course you know by now that Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds are getting a divorce and there were rumors that "Gossip Girl's" Blake Lively was part of the reason.  This isn't true at all and the real reason was they had never had time for each other.
Divorce Is On!
I'm sure you'll be surprised to hear that yes, Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are getting divorced.