Dancing with the Stars

Ralph Macchio Eliminated on ‘Dancing with the Stars’
Ralph Macchio was the latest contestant to go home on 'Dancing with the Stars' last night. In a poll yesterday, the majority of you thought he would go home, so you're probably not surprised by his elimination. It's down to Hines, Chelsea and Kirstie, so who will win the mirror b…
Hines Ward Accidentally Handcuffed in L.A.
Football player and current ‘Dancing With the Stars’ contestant Hines Ward was mistakenly handcuffed by police early Friday morning in Los Angeles, TMZ has learned. After reading the headline, our own Erin Bishop had to be restrained, he's her favorite on dancing with the …
Hines Ward Could Win Dancing Trophy [Video]
It's an emotional night on 'Dancing with the Stars,' since they are choosing songs that have inspired them. All of the contestants have dedicated their dances to someone or to an organization. Hines Ward dedicated his Samba to his mother who has been an inspiration to him. He has been one of my favo…
‘Dancing with the Stars’ Season Premiere [Videos]
Tonight, 'Dancing with the Stars' returns with yet another random group. Kirstie Alley says she's lost 60 pounds and plans to lose more. A few other people you'll see tonight include Wendy Williams and Ralph Macchio. You can watch a few of the contestants after the jump.

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