Five-Year-Old Tears It Up On The Dance Floor [VIDEO]
Not to be outdone by two-year-old- William Stokkebroe that you may have seen yesterday on dancing to' Jailhouse Rock'. This five-year-old shows us what he has as he dances at a Jewish wedding. He's pretty darn good.
Take the jump and watch his moves.
This Two-Year-Old Can Bust a Move! [VIDEO]
Check out William Stokkebroe's moves! After watching his parents at dance practice, 2-year-old William shows off his rug-cutting skills in this adorable video.
Be sure to watch until about 1:25 when little William takes a bow. Priceless!
Dance With Your Sweetheart This Valentine’s Day!
I called my husband earlier this week and asked him to hold February 12th for an evening of dinner and dancing.  Typically, we do not celebrate Valentine's Day, yes you heard me right!  Our anniversary is one week later, so we never really felt the need to celebrate both, until now!