Angry Dad Imitated By Little Girl
The old saying that "imitation is the highest form of flattery" comes into play with this combination of a bad temper and a young girls observations. Along with the anger, it's also good for a laugh!
Watch Dad’s Greatest Achievement
A Muppet's song, "Mahna Mahna", sung in duet with his daughter is the highlight of this dad's two years of parenting. Jesse Teeters turns this minute into a lifetime of dreams for himself.
Dad Wallops Son With Soccerball
As a parent we would never knowingly put our children in danger, or at risk. But, sometimes maybe we don't think everything all the way through. Here's a good example
Superhero Dad Surprises Son Dressed as Spiderman
This has to be the coolest Dad in the world; he sure is in the eyes of his Son. The YouTube user teachusmore surprises his son dressed as Spiderman with a Spiderman suit just for the little guy. Catch up with the amazing superhero duo below.