World’s Worst Burglar Falls Asleep During Crime
In the world of burglars, everything seemed to be going just right for burglar Cristian Villarreal-Castillo. He had just grabbed a number of small electronic gear from cars in the neighborhood of Hillsboro, OR, and then someone made his night a real success when they left their back door open to the…
Attempted abduction Of Ten-Year-Old Girl Caught On Camera [VIDEO]
Even though the abductor didn't succeed, looking at this video  will bring on all kinds of emotions. None of them good. A ten-year-old girl and her two-year-old brother were walking back from buying sweets in South Philadelphia when a man suddenly came from behind and tried to make off w…
Mom Used Daughter To Help Her Shoplift
A mom in Kentucky is in some trouble for having her 10-year-old daughter help her shoplift at a Target store. The mom, her friend and daughter stole about $600 worth of merchandise and mom actually had her daughter push the cart out of the store. The daughter got caught and the two women ran away.
Cop Faces Charges For Stealing From Work Fridge
We've all had co-workers eat our food that we leave in the fridge at work, which can be frustrating at times. One cop had been caught stealing from his work fridge and now faces misdemeanor theft charges and a 30 day suspension.
College Student Faces Trial for Stealing $2 Pumpkin
Theft charges serious enough to warrant a jury trial typically involve stolen goods that are pretty expensive (just ask Lindsay Lohan about that).
But you don’t have to steal high-dollar stuff to get in that kind of trouble — in fact, a New Mexico college student is about to go …

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