Flint Police Arrested 62 Felons
Flint police have arrested 62 felons, who had a combined total of 129 warrants, according to The Flint Journal. A press conference was held yesterday morning to discuss the arrests, with Sheriff Pickell, Prosector David Leyton and Attorney General Bill Schuette all on hand to give the details.
Flint Has New Drag Racing Ordinance
We've been reading so many stories about drag racing and the dangers of it in the last couple of months. Last month, there was the incident of the boy that got hit at a race and police were thinking about charging the father for bringing him to the race in the first place. Many people were torn…
98 Genesee County Inmates Being Transferred
Earlier this week, Sheriff Pickell mentioned a deal they were trying to work on with the state in regards to moving some inmates to free up some jail space. He suggested they needed help from the state in order to pay for the costs and a plan has been put into place.
Decision Time: Will Casey Anthony Take The Stand?
It is almost decision time for the defense in the Casey Anthony trial. Accused of first degree murder of her two year old daughter, Casey is facing a mountain of circumstantial evidence. Her defense team has not really produced much to give the jury much to think about, or to raise a "reaso…
Sheriff Pickell: Governor Needs To Help With Crime Issue
Yesterday, you probably read the story about Michigan State Police offering to bring more officers into the city of Flint. They want to help, but the city has to move 100 people out of the jail with hopes of moving them to Midland. Sheriff Pickell responded to the issue and says he appreciates help …
State Police May Help Fight Crime In Flint
At least a dozen more Michigan State Police troopers could be assigned to the streets of Flint, but only if their are more jail beds to accommodate those that they arrest.
The State Police say that they are prepared to take on the job of "proactive patrol", which means being active …
Man Kicked Off Plane For Cursing
Robert Sayegh wanted to know why it was taking so long for his Atlantic Southeast Airlines flight from Detroit to Newark to get off the runway.
So he made a general inquiry as to the plane’s grounded nature that admittedly contained R-rated language.
Sheriff Pickell Talks Crime in Flint [Audio]
Even though it's been a few weeks since we were listed as the most dangerous city by the FBI, I wanted to talk with Sheriff Pickell to get his thoughts on our new title. He has an interesting perspective on the issue and also talks about what they're doing to try to restore Flint.

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