15 More Genesee County Inmates Released
15 more Genesee County inmates were released this morning and are being sent to Clinton County. This was made possible though the $1 million appropriation that Governor Rick Snyder just signed, which means Genesee County will have up to 200 beds and more state police on the streets.
Flint Mayor Dayne Walling Supports Council To Reopen Jail
The other night, Flint City Council members brought up the idea again of trying to find a way to reopen the city jail. Voters said no on the May ballot, but they're still working on ways to be able to do it and Mayor Dayne Walling is in full support of the jail reopening:
Swartz Creek Police Looking For Huffing A/C Units Suspect
There have been a lot of cases of people huffing or breathing in household cleaners and other products and now there are reports of people doing this with A/C units. Swartz Creek police report the recent damage to seven air conditioning units at Swartz Creek Senior Center and Perkins Library, which …
Woman Cuts Off Husband’s Manhood; Throws In Disposal
So how mad do you have to be at your husband to cut off his manhood and then throw it down the garbage disposal? One woman in California did this as she tied him to the bed and cut off his penis and then tossed it down the disposal. Wow, talk about a little crazy but then again you do remember Loren…
Flint City Council Pushing To Reopen City Jail
Even though it didn't pass on the May ballot, Flint City Council members are still trying to figure out a way to reopen the jail, according to ABC-12. At last night's meeting, members were coming up with ideas to reopen it on a trial basis to see how it goes.
16 More Genesee County Inmates Released
On Friday, the Genesee County Sheriff's Office released 16 more inmates and moved them to another county as part of that original release program that was put into place with the governor's office and other police agencies. Sheriff Pickell says this allowed for other agencies to put people…
Sheriff Pickell: Residents Be Aware Of Gang Problem
Every week, I have the pleasure meeting with Sheriff Pickell and of course the hot topic has been the jail overcrowding issue, which authorities continue to work on. This week the sheriff shared some other ongoing problems that keep arising, including a gang problem in the area, as well as other cou…
Genesee County Men Face Video Poker Charges
The Flint Journal reports that two men have had charges brought against them, with the attorney general saying they were part of an illegal video poker operation in several Flint bars. There has been an ongoing investigation by the attorney general's office, Michigan State police and Michigan G…

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