Cop Caught Tasering Girl Who Had Hands Up [Video]
A cop in Pennsylvania could be in a lot of trouble after a video went around showing him tasering a girl in the groin after she put her hands up. The cop claims she was resisting arrest and tried to elbow him, while the girl says she was attacked by the cop for no reason, according to the Daily Mail…
10-Year-Old Accused Of Grand Theft Auto
A 10-year-old Florida boy broke into an impound lot, stole a pick-up truck and led cops on a police chase. He hopped the fence after school, crashed through the fence to escape but ended up crashing into a light pole a few blocks from the impound. The crash sent an electric wire down which started a…
Sheriff Pickell: I Don’t Have Check Points
Sheriff Pickell stopped by the studio earlier to clarify the misunderstanding regarding check points. He says it's been noted in a few papers about this controversial issue, but he wants the community know he simply has a sign:
Doctor Uses HIV-Infected Needles to Ward Off Thieves [VIDEO]
A Brazilian doctor, tired of having her home burglarized, chose an unconventional way of warning would-be thieves to stay off her property. She taped dozens of HIV-infected needles to the fence surrounding her property. The accompanying sign read, "Wall with HIV-infected blood. No trespassi…
Sheriff Pickell’s Drug Team Could Get Eliminated
The Genesee County Board of Commissioners are meeting today to go over the budget which needs to be finalized at the end of the month. The board is dealing with a $17 million deficit so they need to make cuts everywhere in order to work it out. One program that has the potential to be eliminated is …
Sheriff Pickell: Charge Inmates For Jail Time
Last week, I mentioned the possibility of Genesee County Commissioners charging inmates for their jail stay. Now, Sheriff Pickell has put a request to the commissioners, asking them to allow him to start charging the inmates. The Flint Journal says they could potentially go after tax refunds, wages …
Genesee County Inmates Could Pay For Jail Time
As Genesee County faces a $17 million deficit, the county board of commissioners is tossing around the idea of making inmates pay for their jail time. The Flint Journal says Sheriff Pickell was starting to work on a similar type of option and is supposed to report back to the commissioners soon.
Genesee County Inmates Cleaning Up Community [Video]
It looks like some of the Genesee County Jail Inmates have been helping in a variety of community clean-ups around the area. Yesterday they were out helping to get ready for the Crim by assisting with putting up fences, picking up trash and other duties they were assigned to.

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