crim kids classic

Crim Kids Classic Races Saturday in Flint’s Cultural Center
This Saturday, the ones with "young legs" will rule the races at the Flint Cultural Center. It's the annual Crim Kids Classic races for children age 0-12. Instilling healthy habits in your children will give them a better chance of keeping those habits as adults. They'…
Crim Kids Classic May 12th
When I was a kid, I got around by walking, running or riding my bike. That was true for most kids in my day. Fast forward to 2012, and kids just don't seem to get outside and move around as much as they should. The folks at the Crim Fitness Foundation are doing a lot to change that. In addition …
Crim Kids Classic Saturday
Saturday is going to be a day of fitness and fun for kids and their families at the 2011 Crim Kids Classic races at the Flint Cultural Center.