Six Ways To Save More and Spend Less in 2013 – #3
Ditch The Bottled Water, Pop Machine and Coffee Shop
The average American drinks 167 bottles of water each year.
Turn on the tap, make a pot of coffee at home, and if you can't quite kick the carbonated habit, buy it at the grocery store rather than dropping $1...
Suffering With Pain? Java Might Help!
It wasn't that long ago that a study claimed that coffee might prolong life. Then, a study revealed it can lower the risk of skin cancer. Now, some new research shows that coffee may be capable of reducing physical pain. And you thought it was just for getting your day started?
Best Coffee in Flint — Our Top Five
Every morning just like a majority of the working population, I love my morning coffee, but lately in the office someone has been making a hazelnut flavored brew, disgusting! So I went on a search for Flint's best cup of coffee asking my coworkers who had the best coffee in Flint. Find out more…

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