Are Your Co-Workers Making You Fat? [Poll]
Are your co-workers making you fat? According to one survey, yes they are in fact causing you to gain weight. There's more pressure to eat when there is food around the office and there are times where you're embarrassed to say no to the snacks.
I will say it's hard turning down food when it's laying…
Woman Donates Kidney To Co-Worker
How far would you go to help a co-worker? One woman in Massachusetts is going to donate a kidney to her co-worker because she wanted to help the guy out especially since they were a match. The guy has had failing kidneys for 20 years so when his co-worker found out he was in need of help, she wanted…
Gift Buying Can Be Tricky
Buying gifts for people can be hard, especially if you receive one unexpectedly.  When this happens, what do you?  Should you buy one in return?