Charlie Sheen

‘Two and a Half Men’ Has Been Canceled
Looks like CBS is finally fed up with Charlie Sheen. They announced last night that they are canceling 'Two and a Half Men' through the end of the season. The cast and crew can thank Charlie because it looks like they won't be receiving any paychecks.
The Mess That Is Charlie Sheen [AUDIO]
"...Stay away from the crack, unless you can manage it socially..."  One of the 'inspiring' quotes from Charlie Sheen in these impromptu call-in segments from the Dan Patrick Show.  Read more to hear the interview.
Charlie’s Hiatus Could Cost “Men” $250 Million
It could get a little costly for "Two and a Half Men," as Charlie Sheen takes some time out for rehab.  They are taking a break from shooting, but if they shut down permanently, it could cost as much as $250 million in domestic syndication revenue.
Best. Tweet. Ever.
Charlie Sheen's wife, Denise Richards, tweeted this after porn star Kacey Jordan appeared on Good Morning America today.  Watch the interview after the jump.
Charlie Sheen Is Off The Hook Again
Charlie Sheen won't be charged with crime for his breakdown at the Plaza Hotel.  The girl he was with that night filed a police report, accusing Charlie of assault and batterym and says she locked herself in the bathroom while Charlie was freaking out.