Dumb Quotes By Celebrities – Who Said This?
What's a Yanni? Ignorance can be bliss until it makes you look foolish. All of japan was insulted by this actress when she said, "I didn't have any idea what a Yanni was. I just thought I was in love with a Japanese man who wrote beautiful music."
Celebrity News Hoax Generator
If you want to try to prank someone with some fake celebrity news, you can do that by going to the celebrity news hoax generator site. Let's say for example you're not a fan of Charlie Sheen. You can type his name in and it will produce fake death headlines, which you could then send to yo…
Locals Who Made It Big from Flint – J’s Top Five
Flint, Michigan has had its share of homegrown stars. From TV hosts, to athletics, to music, and to millionaires. Here's a fun list of folks from Flint who made it big! It is a pretty impressive collection of people who have helped put Flint on the map for something other than, "Roger …
“Golden Globes” Red Carpet Photos
Like the cooler best friend of the Oscars, the Golden Globes usually turns out to be a bit more sassy.  Sure, lots of honors and speeches happen during the telecast (some award winners are listed below) but really, we just want the red carpet.  Right?  Here are some highlights!  …

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