Cee Lo Green

Cee Lo Green Joins Madonna At Super Bowl
Looks like Madonna is going to have some help during her Super Bowl halftime show. Cee Lo Green is expected to make an appearance with Madonna during her show and has been traveling to New York to practice with her.
Cars108 Playlist – August 2011 Top Songs
On Cars 108's list of Top 40 Songs for August 2011, see what songs are making your day a bit better while listening to Cars 108. Katy Perry appears on the list twice -- who just recently tied Michael Jackson's record for most No. 1 songs off of one album. Also app
Cee Lo Exits Rihanna’s Summer Tour
Cee Lo Green has apparently decided to give a big “forget you” to Rihanna.
According to the NY Times, the singer dropped out of Rihanna’s ‘Loud’ tour Friday, citing his busy schedule.
Cee Lo Green Defends Himself After Homophobic Tweet
Just a few weeks after Blake Shelton came under fire for using Twitter to voice some homophobic comments, one of his fellow judges on NBC’s ‘The Voice’ has done the same thing — and now Cee Lo Green has a PR problem of his own to deal with.
Responding to a negative review of his recent Minneapolis pe…