cars 108 garden

Harvest Time For Cars 108 Garden
The weather didn't do much to help the Cars 108 Garden this year.  Lots of 90+ degree weather and very little in the way of rain led to a disappointing harvest.  We didn't find Jimmy Hoffa either.
How is Your Garden Growing This Summer?
I have a garden at home and one at the radio station.  The two couldn't be more different.  The one at home I am able to water regularly.  The station garden requires frequent trips with a watering can.
Cars 108 Garden is in the Ground and Growing!
Last weekend, my wife and I planted our garden at home. This weekend we took the seedlings that were left over and put them in the ground behind the radio station. We had already planted potatoes on the station property in mid-April, and they are doing very well.
Have You Started Your 2012 Garden Yet?
The thermometer read 22 degrees this morning, but my garden is already off to a good start. Most of it is beginning indoors, but my peas handled the cold with no problem despite being outside where it was frosty!
Cars 108 Garden 2012
Every year, I plant a small garden on the Cars 108 station property. This year I am starting a bit earlier than usual. My wife and I got the soil ready by tilling in some cow manure for fertilizer. I have been saving the coffee grounds from the Cars 108 coffee pot and tossing them on the garden p…
Cars 108 Garden Harvest Time
It's been a good year for the Cars 108 garden. Almost everything we planted produced prolifically. Between my garden at home and the one at the radio station, I had enough tomoatoes to can for soups and chili and plenty to give to friends and co-workers. The potatoes did very well, as I dug up a …
Cars 108 Garden Is Ready For Harvest
When we started the seeds back in early May we didn't know what to expect. When we put them in the ground on Memorial Day weekend, we hoped for the best. Now that Labor Day weekend is upon us, it's time to enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of our efforts. Most everything we planted has produced, …
Cars 108 Garden Still Growing (So Are The Weeds)
Like many of you, I love to grow things and really enjoy the part when it's time to eat them.  So far, everything that I planted in the patch out back of the radio station is doing quite well.  So are the weeds, but I have been doing my best to keep up with them!  As of this week…
Cars 108 Garden Still Growing!
Two weeks after putting seeds and seedlings into the back 40 at the Cars 108 radio ranch, things are growing in a hurry.  So far, the vegetables are ahead of the weeds.