A Candy That’s Deodorant?
As Americans, who wouldn't jump at the chance to be lazier and eat candy. There's a Bulgarian candy called Deo Perfume Candy. Instead of taking 30 seconds to put on deodorant, you just eat one of these candies, and it emits a scent from your skin that covers up your natural body odor for u…
Halloween Candy Buy-Back For the Troops
Once again this year the "Dental Care Team" In Grand Blanc will be buying -back Halloween candy to send to the troops overseas. This annual activity takes all the surplus candy that your kids have, pay them for it, and use it for our military servicemen and women.. Here's how …
Halloween Candies That Need to Come Back
It’s that time of year again when we apologize to our pancreas and then eat until we're sick -- Halloween candy season! Everywhere we turn, we’re bombarded with chocolate and gummies and sour things and those peanut butter taffies in the wax paper wrapping that no one ever eats. Somehow those things…
Snicker’s Is America’s Favorite Chocolate Brand
I'm a huge chocolate lover and will eat any type of candy. I do like a mini Snickers every now and again, but I was surprised Snickers has been labeled as America's favorite chocolate brand, followed by M&M's, according to a recent survey.

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