Kids Can’t See The Movie ‘Bully’ Due To R Rating [Video]
Kids would probably benefit the most of out of a new movie called "Bully," but it's rated R so they'll only be able to see it with a parent or guardian. One Michigan girl is trying to change the rating because she believes everyone has a right to see this powerful movie.
She has even starte…
Flint Teen Gets Bullied By Classmates [Video]
This video was recently taken by some students who beat up one of their classmates last week and posted it on Facebook. The video has since been removed, but the victim's mother saved it and she hopes the boys who beat up her son will go to jail, according to ABC-12.
Justin Bieber Bullying Stories Surface
Beliebers know that their hero Justin Bieber cares about his fellow humans. He donates buckets of money to a variety of causes (Pencils of Promise is the most prominent, as well as his hometown food bank in Canada) and visits sick kids in the hospital. He’s certainly doing his part. …
Anti-Bullying Laws Now A Michigan Reality
Governor Rick Snyder is signing anti-bullying legislation in to law today.  It will require all public schools in the state to adopt a uniform policy by June of 2012.
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Student Stands Up To Bully, Faces Sexual Harassment Charges
A first grader in Boston is being charged with sexual harassment for punching a boy in the groin, according to AZ Central. The boy's mom says he was just defending himself against a bully who tried to choke him on the bus and also stole his gloves.
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Michigan Close To Passing Anti-Bullying Law
Michigan lawmakers are pretty close to passing legislation that would require schools to put in place an anti-bullying law policy at all schools, according to WNEM. The house has already approved it, so it moves on to the senate.

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