Britney Spears

Where Will Britney Spears Go After Her RCA Contract Is Up?
Britney Spears has one album left on her long-term contract with Jive Records, which was folded into RCA and is now a division of Sony. That means Brit Brit is thisclose to being a free agent for the first time in her career. Her market value will likely be high and she’ll be a sough…
Who Is Sexy According To Victoria’s Secret [Video]
Everyone's idea of sexy is different, but I have to believe that the superstar models that work for the lingerie company Victoria's Secret are a little more in tune with that sort of thing. Watch their video of sexy people including Beyonce and Britney Spears, and see if you agree.
Britany Spears a Judge On X-Factor?
Britney Spears is a huge fan of ‘X Factor,’. Such a big fan, in fact, that she would like to become a judge on the show. I would have to think that the show would give her serious consideration, since her appearance would certainly draw an immediate audience. I wonder if Simon …
Britney Spears Wedding Details Emerge
Britney Spears is getting married for the third time — judging from the glow she emits when looking at her engagement ring or talking about fiancée Jason Trawick, this should be her final trip to the altar. Brit’s wedding is going to be a big deal for her, and she’s already mapping out plans. As is …

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