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Latest Fashion Trend – Breast Milk Pendants
I have never really had an understanding of the fashion world for women. I observe purses that cost hundreeds of dollars, some high heels that must fele like walking on stilts, but this most recent fashion trendtakes my amazement even higher: The breast milk pendant.
Man Trying To Live Off Wife’s Breast Milk
A guy is attempting to live off his wife's breast milk and documenting it on a blog to see if he gets any health benefits from it. His wife has an extensive supply of frozen breast milk so he's trying to see how long he can live off it. He really believes he'll benefit from it, but do…
I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Breast Milk
Breast milk ice cream is no longer available in England.  Local authorities in London have pulled the unusual frozen delicacy off the shelves of The Icecreamist in response to public complaints over whether the shop should be selling edibles made from human body fluids.