baggy pants

Guy Sentenced To Jail For Baggy Pants
Schools have banned them, bus lines have banned them, but now a judge has ordered someone go to jail for three days for wearing baggy pants. A guy was in court on charges of stolen property and the judge didn't like his appearance.
School Hands Out Belts For Saggy Jeans
A school in Rock Hill, South Carolina has started handing out belts to kids who show up to school with their pants too low. They used to get written up, but now they have the option of wearing the belt or getting in trouble. The principal thinks this will prevent kids from showing up in baggy pants.
Sagz Jeans Solve Baggy Pants Problem [Video]
Baggy pants still seem to be an issue, where some have been kicked off planes and others have been banned from riding transportation. Well now there's a solution to the problem because two brothers from New Jersey have developed Sagz Jeans, which snap to special boxer shorts in order to hold up…
US Airways Flight Delayed Due To Saggy Pants
Saggy pants continue to be a problem and while some states have banned the look in public, a recent flight was delayed because of the problem. MSNBC says a University of New Mexico football player was actually arrested and removed from the plane because of his saggy pants.
Florida Schools Ban Baggy Pants
Students in Florida aren't happy since the district just passed a ban on baggy pants. According to WTSP, the bill bans students from wearing clothes that expose their underwear or indecently exposes their body parts while they're at school.
Saggy Pants Means No Bus Ride
If you're wearing baggy pants and trying to ride the bus in Fort Worth, Texas it looks like you're not going to be able to hop on. Reuters reports that the drivers think it's disrespectful to other passengers.