7 Adorable ‘Santa Babies’ [PHOTOS]
slighning, Flickr/, Flickr
Every family has its strange holiday traditions and some of those include dressing up tiny, innocent infants as the world's most famous elderly gift giver. Here's a list of the 7 different kinds of Santa Babies you might en…
Cat Strokes Crying Baby To Sleep [Video]
I will admit that I'm not a huge cat fan, but this video caught my attention. It shows a really cute cat stroking a crying baby, who eventually falls asleep. You can tell the cat is really proud of his accomplishment. Check it out after the jump.
Meet ‘Baby Sneeze Fart’ [VIDEO]
I couldn't resist. And besides, this adorable little one's nearly simultaneous sneeze/fart is a lot cuter than Nancy Grace's toot the other night on DWTS.
Oh it's cute now, but how happy do you think he'll be with Mom and Dad in 16 years or so?