Elderly Man Finds Alternative Use For iPad [VIDEO]
There are a million uses for Apple's iPad. Now thanks to a elderly German man, it's a million and one.
Take the jump, watch the video, and if you haven't already done so, be sure to download radioPup. It's Cars 108's free mobile app that let's you listen to, and interact…
Battery Life Fix Is Now Available For iPhones
There is a new software update available for iPhones, iPads and iPods, that has just been released to fix problems that are shortening their battery life. Apple has released the update after a small number of customers reported lower than expected battery life on their devices.
Cash In On Your Old iPhone
With the introduction of the new iPhone 4S, we're bound to see a number of older phones being offered up for sale. That said, a large number of  phone owners (iPhones and others) will simply put that old phone on the shelf and forget about it.
Don't save it, sell it.
Apple Founder Steve Jobs Passes Away [VIDEO]
Steve Jobs, the Apple executive often credited with revolutionizing the computer industry, passed away today. Jobs was 56.
Jobs' death was not a surprise; he's been battling cancer for years. In January, Jobs took a medical leave from Apple, and stepped down as its CEO in August.
Move past the break t…
Steve Jobs Stepping Down as Apple CEO
Steve Jobs is stepping down as chief executive at Apple, the company said on Wednesday. Jobs will remain at the company as chairman, but he and his iconic black turtleneck will be replaced by former Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook.
Apple Reveals Highly Anticipated iCloud at WWDC
At WWDC, Apple's annual developers conference, head honcho Steve Jobs came and went in only two hours, but left the rapt audience of gadget geeks with the next full year of the company's plans, including the launches of iCloud, iOS5, and the new Mac OSX Lion.
Meet ITR3VOR, The Dancing Apple Kid [VIDEO]
Here we go another person seeking their 15 minutes of fame. His name is Trevor, and he is becoming somewhat of a sensation on YouTube. Here's what he does, Trevor, or ITR3VOR, goes around to Apple stores and dances choreographed routines to music on the available Macs. You can read more and che…

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