American Idol

Should Lauren Get Voted Off American Idol Tomorrow? [Video]
Maybe I'm missing something, but I'm not a fan of Lauren on 'American Idol.' She performed "Natural Woman," but I didn't think she did that great of a job. She had a couple of good notes at the end, but I just don't see why the judges thought she was so good tonight. It was nice to finally…
Karen Goes Home on ‘Idol’
I was kind of surprised that Karen Rodriguez got sent home last night on 'American Idol.' I never understood why she would sing in English and Spanish, but I thought she would have stuck around for a few more weeks.
The Kids Version of ‘American Idol’ [Video]
This season on 'American Idol' we know Randy has taken on the harsher role, Steven likes to have a good time and J.Lo is the nice one. I found this really cute video of kids imitating the judges and contestants. Check it out.

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