American Idol

Idol Judge Appears Genuine [VIDEO]
In my opinion, this is the first time in ten seasons we've seen actual sincerity from an "American Idol" judge!
Jennifer Lopez seemed to take it harder than the eliminated contestant Wednesday night when she broke down in tears after telling Chris Medina that he would not be moving on in th…
It’s Finally Down to the Top 24
Last night, the American Idol judges finally chose the top 24 contestants. I thought the first hour was pretty boring, since a lot of the contestants didn't know any of the Beatles songs.
Hollywood Week – Too Many People? [VIDEO]
I am so glad that Hollywood Week is starting on American Idol.  Usually, I enjoy the auditions, but this season it felt long and tedious to me.  Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez put so many undeserving contestants through at the start of the auditions, that I began to get frustrated.
American Idol Week Two
American Idol continued last night with a stop in Milwaukee.  I still like the new judges and I think it's going to be a really good season.
Is Steven Tyler An Inappropriate American Idol Judge?
Steven Tyler was so inappropriate during last night's show that I was embarrassed  for him.  It felt so awkward when he made lewd and suggestive comments to the young female contestants.  A couple of these gals were 16 years old, seriously; he could be there grandfather!  Wa…

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