Adele Purchases $6 Million Mansion
Six seems to be a good number for Adele lately. She swept the Grammys, winning all six awards for which she was nominated, and now she’s dropped $6 million on a mansion in her native Britain.
Even French Bulldogs Cry to Adele Songs
There’s no denying that Adele has amazing vocal chops. But it’s the fact she sings with pure, raw emotion that’s made her a star. This depressed French bulldog, who cries to a song by the British songstress, seems keenly aware of this.
’60 Minutes’ Features Adele On Her Vocal Cord Surgery
Adele has undergone vocal cord surgery to remove polyps and it has forced her to be quiet lately while she heals.Her tour dates have been canceled or rescheduled until she heals. Adele had the top selling album since 2004, ’21, but for now, things are on hold.
However, she’s made progress and is open…
Adele Breaks Another Album Record With ’21′
We’ve heard a lot in recent weeks about the records being tied, set, and/or broken by Katy Perry and Rihanna — which has made it easy to forget that Adele‘s ’21′ is still the top-selling album of 2011. Well, here’s an even more impressive reminder of the ‘Rolling in the Deep’ singer’s success: ’21′ …

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