Woman’s Death Could Be Caused By Soda Addiction
We've all known people with all kinds of addictions and this latest one has resulted in death. A woman in New Zealand was addicted to Coca-Cola and experts say her consumption of over two gallons of coke a day probably contributed to her death.
Woman Addicted To Nicotine Gum [Video]
One woman appeared on "The Doctors" and says she's addicted to nicotine gum and has been chewing roughly 100 pieces a week for the last five years. She's trying to quit but doesn't know how she can do it. Check out the video after the jump.
Woman Can’t Stop Eating Her Dead Husband’s Ashes [Video]
There is love, true love and just plain weird. Meet Casie, she can't stop eating her husband, oh by the way, her husband Shawn is dead. It was the season finale of TLC's 'Strange Addictions' Sunday night. It lived up to the word strange that's for sure; get the story after t…