Incredible Video Of School Bus Crash In Indiana [VIDEO]
Some incredible video out of Carmel, Indiana shows a school bus crash near Indianapolis. The surveillance video from inside the bus shows the driver going along when he is suddenly thrown from his seat after hitting a bump.
He clings to the steering wheel as the bus veers, but when the bus slams int…
Runaway Truck Crashes Into Bar Caught On Security Cam [VIDEO]
Talk about dropping by for a cold one. There I said it. Surveillance video inside a tiny bar in Little Canada, Minnesota captures the accident and the mayhem after.
Officials said a 51-year-old woman suffered a medical condition while driving, taking out a light pole and then slamming her truck into…
Car Crashes Through Front of Saginaw 7-Eleven [VIDEO]
Thanks to YouTube, we've seen a lot of cars crashing through the front of businesses - but this one happened very close to home. A car failed to stop, and crashed right through the front of the 7-Eleven store at the corner of Center and West Michigan in Saginaw Township.
We have the slow-motion,…
Witness A Car Crash During A Live News Report [VIDEO]
Talk about news as it happens, check out this video. Adrienne Pedersen's live report on rising gas prices for WFLA in Tampa, Florida, was  what you would call a smash hit.
As the reporter was broadcasting her story in front of the camera, a taxicab and a compact car collided in the background. The…

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