From the restaurant chain that brought you "fourthmeal", i.e. the meal that people who just closed down the bars and need some grease to soak up the alcohol, comes something to appeal to a new customer base. Breakfast. Or as Taco Bell calls it, "Firstmeal." The 11-item breakfast menu took five years to develop, and will roll out next week in 750 stores in 10 states. Ohio is the closest state (to Michigan) to get the first peek at "Firstmeal", but the chain plans to have it nationwide in the near future.
Few should be surprised at the breakfast offerings, items like Bacon and Egg Burrito, Sausage & Egg Burrito and something they are calling the Grande Skillet Burrito. Taco Bell will also offer items from Cinnabon, Seattle's Best and Johnsonville Sausage to round out their selections. The taco chain is also considering offering healthier items like oatmeal and fruit and yogurt parfaits as competitors have had success with these offerings.
Personally, I'm holding out for the breakfast Chalupa. Not sure when that will be dropping.