15-year old Tristan Heinz from Swartz Creek has dwarfism, but it's not stopping him from making a big impact on his teammates. . The coaches all worked together to make something very special happen for Tristan.With dwarfism, he only stands a few feet tall, but that doesn't wipe the smile off his face while he helps the team warm up for the game, and pals around with the boys. 'I talked to my assistants and said it'd be really cool if we could get him a bucket, or at least get him in the game because he can make the shot,' said Varsity head coach Scottie Wright.

And when he got his chance to start in a game, he scored the Dragon's first shot and it's something he'll never forget. The University of Michigan was so inspired by the YouTube video, they invited Tristan to a practice to meet their basketball team. The Swartz Creek head coach plans to go to Ann Arbor with Tristan and his family.

The moment was caught on video.