ABC-12 reports that Flint police have a suspect in custody in regards to the fires that were set early yesterday morning. The person hasn't been charged yet, but all nine fires are believed to have been set on purpose.

Flint Fire Battalion Chief Andy Graves said the fires started around 12:30am yesterday morning, with three firefighters getting injured. 12 abandoned buildings were also destroyed. As officials continue to investigate, Graves stressed the importance of community help and involvement:

'"At this point, we are in the investigation phase. The one thing we would like to emphasize is that the community is an extension of the eyes and ears of the police and fire department. Without their input and information, it is very difficult for us to link these fires to an individual or a group of individuals and bring them to prosecution. So, we really ask for their help.'"

Just as we thought we were in the clear with a break from fires. We were just talking the other day at work how it was nice to hear that there hadn't been any recent fires, but we spoke too soon. As Chief Graves said, keep a watchful eye out and contact authorities if you have any information.