It's not so much about the laptop and the $60 in a wallet.

These parents might have lost something irreplaceable.

Thinh Le and his wife didn't know that they had been burglarized on April 5th until a neighbor returned a laptop computer and briefcase that he'd found in his yard early the next morning.

They went back and reviewed footage from their home surveillance cameras, and what they saw was frighting. During the robbery, the suspect is seen looking down into the crib where their young son was sleeping. The two even made eye contact briefly, before the child went back to sleep. "I was infuriated when I saw him in my baby's room." Mr. Le said.

The footage definitely has a creep factor. See it in the video below.

There is an update to this story. 18 year-old Christopher Gomez has been arrested, thanks to Crime Stoppers' tips from the public. He is also a suspect in two other home burglaries.