This is what you call becoming a dad very fast. Nicole and Matthew Culwell weren't expecting the little bundle of joy until mid-July.


So, when Nicole started experiencing contractions Monday morning she didn't expect it was labor. Still, as a precaution the couple headed for the hospital. It was on US-23 in Ann Arbor where their journey to parenthood picked up speed.

"As soon as we got onto the 23 highway, that's when I was thinking like ... I don't know what this is 'I think I'm going to have this baby right now,'" said Nicole.

They were less than 7 miles from St. Joseph Mercy Hospital and time was running out."And then I just felt her crowning and I was like, 'I don't think I can do this, you need to pull over right now,'" she said.

Her husband stopped at mile marker 42 and called 911.

911: Are you pulled over?Matthew: Yeah we're pulled over. You can see the baby coming out.Less than 5 minutes later, the father delivered his baby girl.

Dad says it's a story some people might not believe. More in video below.

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