I abhor almost any commercial for any feminine product, but this ad for Summer's Eve caught my attention.

I might dislike this ad more than most, and here's why.

I don't think anyone enjoys squirming through an ad for a feminine hygiene product on television. What usually bothers me the most are all of the outdated and unfortunate female stereotypes in those commercials.

Summer's Eve has just released an ad for a feminine wash product called "Manly Mistakes" that gives all of those unfortunate cliches to the men for a change. I suppose that the creative team responsible for the spot meant to be funny, but a lot of people aren't seeing the humor, and neither am I.

Here are the reasons why;

Did she have to call it a "V"? How old are we? There is an anatomically correct word for that particular body part...use it. We are all adults.

What's with the unfortunate male stereotypes?
Towing a car with his teeth, belly smackers in the pool, cutting wood like a lumberjack and drinking raw eggs from a blender? Really? I don't know a man who does any of those things! Let's create new cliches regarding today's man. He goes to the grocery store on Saturdays armed with a fistful of coupons and a cell phone. He lovingly and cheerfully does a late night run for tampons and comes home with chips, ice cream and chocolate too. He watches the Food Network and listens to Cher and loves to make cookies with the kids. He knows that doing all of those things makes him even more of a man in our eyes!

Who thought this was a great storyboard idea?
It's entirely plausible that a man could accidentally use this product in the shower. My husband has used body washes that have glitter for shimmer and micro-beads that exfoliate. He's left the shower smelling like an Amber Kiss and a sugar cookie because he simply doesn't pay much that much attention to the labels on all of those bottles in there. Be glad he's in the shower and using something that lathers!

I'm also bothered by her phrase, "That was close."
It's a body wash that just happens to be made for women and marketed by Summer's Eve...I get that. But was he ever really in danger of becoming a woman though, or taking on feminine traits? So what if he was...it wouldn't be so awful to have a few more guys walking around in touch with their feminine sides!

I used Axe body wash once
, in the spare shower because there was nothing else to use. Should I have toweled off and then made a turkey dinner and cookies for the school bake sale?

Watch the ad in question, called "Manly Mistake" below. Is there any thing about this ad that bugs you?