A San Francisco Fox affiliate, KTVU, is apologizing after a Mount-Everest-sized fail Friday (7/12) in which they announced fake names of the pilots on board Asiana Flight 214 that crashed at San Francisco International Airport six days earlier.

Anchor Tori Campbell (video below) read the phony names, and the station displayed the names in a graphic next to the burned wreckage:

  • Captain Sum Ting Wong
  • Wi Tu Lo
  • Ho Lee Fuk
  • Bang Ding Ow

Seriously, people, you need to stop getting your news tips from Bart Simpson.

The TV station apologized for the gaffe on its website, and the National Traffic Safety Board issued this statement blaming an intern for dispensing bogus information.

You can see video of the station's apology, and the NTSB's statement here.

- George McIntyre
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