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I was born in Flint in 1959 at St. Joseph hospital. I grew up in the Flint area like many of you. My Dad worked for Chevrolet, I saw first-run movies at the Capitol Theatre, concerts at the "old" IMA, shopped for groceries at Hamady Brothers, clothes at Smith-Bridgeman and drank beer before I was old enough at the Mikatam. Growing up in and around Flint was a unique yet shared experience. When asked to write my Top 5 list of Little Known/Unusual facts about Flint I quite frankly didn't know where to start. Flint is one quirky/unusual city. That's not a bad thing. So here we go with a handful of things you might not know or may have forgotten about Flint, Michigan.


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Trading Fur for Coneys?

Flint is considered to be the oldest continually inhabited area in Michigan. Jacob Smith, a fur trader on good terms with local Ojibway tribes established a trading post in the early 1800's. Angelos served their first coney about the same time.
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Meet the Flintstones

Fred Flintstone is NOT the city's namesake. Everybody knows Fred and Wilma lived in Bedrock.
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Birthplace of American Top 40

Casey Kasem got his radio career started in Flint at WAAM. He's probably kicking himself for ever leaving.
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Skinny Jeans Only

It is actually a crime in Flint to wear saggy pants. Yet to my knowledge, no plumber has served any time for this heinous infraction.
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Rolling Hills

You can make yourself dizzy by rolling down the hill at Kearsley Park. Me and my siblings entertained ourselves for hours this way as children. That probably explains a lot about me. Wearing a helmet was never a consideration. I wouldn't recommend trying that now. You never know what you might roll over/in.