People who resort to a life of crime are generally not the best and brightest. A 17-year old Flushing Township male proved that as Flushing police followed footprints in the snow after residents reported a man trying to get into their car. After the residents hit the panic button, the alarm scared the suspect who took off running.
When police arrived on scene, they simply followed the suspect's footprints in the snow, which led through some back yards and over fences. After following the trail for some distance, they viewed the footprints leading to several parked cars. The teen then hid in a car parked in a 60-year old Flushing man's garage, who discovered the culprit and was yelling at the suspect when police showed up. The kid fled again, but was caught shortly afterward. He is now pondering his future from inside the Genesee County Jail. The young man was reportedly intoxicated at the time of his arrest.