When we head out to the ice cream shop, 70% of us buy the old standbys - Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry.  But it's the new flavors - Buttered Popcorn, Mojito Sorbet, and French Toast - that pique consumers' interest, and get them through the door. USA Today says folks will sample the new, but buy the old.

We spend $25 billion on ice cream every year in the US.  How does a Maple Bacon Sundae sound to you? I think I'd be willing to give that one a try!

Any of these newfangled flavors sound like something you'd try?

French Toast. Later this summer, Baskin-Robbins will roll out the ice cream with bits of French toast and maple. "Customers love knowing they can get a sample, then get their favorites," executive chef Stan Frankenthaler says.

Buttered Popcorn. In August, MaggieMoo's debuts a flavor with butter pecan and caramel popcorn. "This gets people in the door," says Hilliard Creath, R&D manager.

Strawberry Basil. It's the first time Cold Stone has put an herb into an ice cream, taste master Ray Karam says.

Mojito Sorbet. There's no rum in it, but the new Cold Stone flavor, due in August, is made with mint and lime.

Firehouse 31. Anyone who has felt the heat of an Atomic Fireball will appreciate this Baskin-Robbins flavor that crushes a fiery candy into its ice cream.

Maple Bacon Sundae. Denny's is selling the sundae made with vanilla ice cream, maple syrup and bacon bits. Alas, a side of pancakes doesn't come with it.

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