Larry Swilling has been on his quest to find his wife a kidney since last fall. No luck. True love keeps him going.

Larry and his wife Jimmy Sue have been married for 58 years. Sue needs a kidney donor and no one in the family is a suitable match, so Larry has taken to the streets to try to find one.

“She’s my heart,” he said. Jimmie Sue is on a donor list, but the wait is about two or three years long and that’s for a kidney from a deceased donor. Transplant patients who get their kidneys from living donors tend to live longer.

Which is why Larry decided to try a completely radical approach to securing a kidney: asking for it, from total strangers. Never mind that most people won’t give panhandlers their pocket change, let alone their vital organs. A few months ago, Larry, at 77, has been walking all over his hometown of Anderson, S.C. and the surrounding towns basically begging for a kidney.