October 16 (tomorrow) is National Boss Day.  A day for all employees to honor their bosses.

This can get rather complex if you happen to be pretty far down on the company totem pole.  Perhaps you have multiple bosses.  Some may be better than others.

Having a good boss to work for/with can actually make coming to work every day something you look forward to.  Most of us spend more time at work than we do with our families.

If you have a good boss, some gesture of appreciation is truly in order.  A simple "thank you" is probably good.  A treat or a small gift might score you some points if you know them well enough to get them something they like.  If you go overboard, you will just appear to be sucking up.

Some bosses encourage that kind of thing.  Those are the kind you probably don't want to work for.

The really good ones appreciate the people who do good work and make them look good.  That keeps everybody happy.

So say something nice to your boss tomorrow.  Then get to work!