With over 100 Michigan beers and 60 Michigan wines available, it might be good to have a plan of attack... for the first of my sample tickets, anyways! These are the top five wines that I plan on sampling first.

I'll be honest. I will never be referred to as a "wine snob." I do know what I like, though, and when I'm feeling adventurous I try new wines based on what they are named. Scientific, right? Having said that, these are the first five wines that I will sample at this weekend's Food, Beer & Wine Festival at Perani Arena.

The first of my picks comes from Bowers Harbor Winery, in Traverse City. Bowers Harbor was a winery that Rod and I spent some time at during our spring wine tour. While there, I enjoyed their Late Harvest Riesling so I am going back for more!

Another "must try" for me is Chagrinned (Rasberry Zinfandel) from Fenton Winery & Brewery. They describe this wine as "sweet, ripe rasberries blended gracefully with the refreshing character of a White Zinfandel." What's not to like, right? Not really sure why they call it "Chagrinned", though.

My next pick comes from Will's Winery in Lapeer. I have enjoyed their wines before, because I shop in Lapeer often and I do like the name of this selection; "Simply Psychodelic." This is one of their many award winning specialty wines.

"Grapes of Love" from Michigan's second oldest winery, Warner Vineyards in Paw Paw, Mi was one that also grabbed my attention. The winery says that this selection has "great legs." Is there a wine connoisseur that can tell me what that means? "Grapes of Love" is also their #1 seller. Can't argue with that!

I have always had a soft spot for Sangria, so Mackinaw Trail Winery's "Cherry Sangria" is another obvious choice for me.It's described as "cherry wine with wonderful tropical aromas and flavors." Yummy!

Keep in mind that you don't have to limit yourself to five samples. Those first five are included in your price of admission, but additional sample tickets are available for only $1 each!

Come join us for the Michigan Food, Beer & Wine Fest, Saturday, November 9 at Perani Arena in Flint. Great food from local restaurants, plus over 100 kinds of beers, and 60 wine selections...all in a park like setting with live entertainment as well.