No other American holiday is linked to food the way that Thanksgiving is, so any failure becomes the stuff of legends.

Here are just a few of mine!

In my enthusiasm as a young bride, I impulsively invited both families into our very small home to celebrate our first Thanksgiving. I shopped carefully for the perfect turkey and set my alarm to make sure that it was stuffed and in the oven in time for the two o'clock dinner. I then went on to the preparation of side dishes and gave no more thought to the bird until 3 hours later, when I went to baste it. I couldn't help but notice that the pats of butter I dotted the turkey with were still in place, and cold. Where were the juices and the sound of the turkey skin crackling from the heat? I honestly started to hyperventilate, and in my inexperience, it took me a good fifteen minutes to realize that I had neglected to turn the oven on! Dinner was very late that year and everyone was so full from snacks and cocktails that no one ate much. Leftovers were tasty, though, and we still laugh about the time "Steph forgot to turn on the oven." It apparently didn't upset people too much...I have hosted every Thanksgiving since.

My most recent fail technically wasn't my fault and it happened last year. It involved a majestic 22 pound turkey, a lot of peanut oil, a deep fryer and my boys. 20 minutes before dinner, my youngest son, Brandon sheepishly presented me with what can only be described as a carcass. The entire left side of the formerly proud bird had imploded and the rest can only be described as inedible! When I asked what happened, he mumbled something about a "minute to pound ratio." I think that's man talk for "I screwed up." Luckily, I had a small turkey in the oven for backup (I know my boys!) and lots of ham. I will remember that "minute to pound ratio" excuse for the next time I burn something, and no...we will not be deep frying our Thanksgiving turkey this year.

Now that I have shared my most memorable Thanksgiving "fails", ponder the pros and cons of this cherished American holiday as they were presented on a recent episode of "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon." Funny stuff!

Jimmy Fallon also asked viewers to hashtag their most memorable Thanksgiving "fails", and they did not disappoint!