You are totally not going to like this at all if you donated.

Michigan Attorney General's office announced that Firefighters Support Services has to dissolve operations after an investigation in the internal practices of the charity. Michigan Attorney General, Bill Schuette, is stating that the charity mislead donors on exactly what their money was going to support.

Firefighters Support Services were suppose to use the over $4.2 million from donors nationwide, to support families that have been effected by a fire and firefighters that have been injured while fighting fires. What actually happened was about 90 percent of the funds raised went to salaries, fundraising and administrative costs, or other programs not part of the what donors had been told. The investigation also uncovered that the charity could not account for grants for food, shelter or clothing that were to be used for families who were turned out of their homes due to a fire.

According to the Michigan Attorney General's office, the directors of the now defunct charity will dissolve it within 60 days and pay $144,000 in three years to the American Red Cross's southeastern Michigan chapter that focuses on home fire relief.