I know it's most likely a bunch of political B.S. right? I don't think so he may be on to something. State Senator Rick Jones says he feels your pain. He's frustrated by what he calls excuses from the oil companies for the reason by behind the latest price increase. Michigan gas prices are the second highest in the country.

Problems at those out-of-state refineries are costing us here at home, Jones says. So he says he has a solution.

"Let's have the strategic fund of Michigan offer a tax abatement to any company for ten years," said Jones. "No property taxes, no business taxes. [Lets] Build a refinery here in Michigan for gasoline for Michiganders."Jones is planning to introduce a bill that would make these tax incentives a reality -- but that's not all.

"This week I'm introducing a resolution asking the U.S. Congress to do an investigation," said Jones. "Why does Michigan always have such high gas prices? What's going on?"

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